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Prison Pet Partnership provides a twenty-four-month Master Groomer certification program to incarcerated individuals at Washington Corrections Center for Women. Program participants (incarcerated individuals) must successfully complete three months of prerequisite classes before they are provided opportunity to meet learning objectives through IPG (International Professional Groomers) through in-class and hands-on education. Classes are led by an experienced grooming instructor. Students are Pet First Aid and CPR certified in quarter 1 prerequisite classes. Upon successful completion of the program, program participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills to access employment upon release at a grooming facility, basic dog training facility, or to start their own business or to pursue other careers related to the pet care industry.


The twenty-four-month program includes:

Dog Handler I
(AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator Certification)

  • Basic commands

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Redirection

Groomer I - Certified Salon Professional (CSP)
(IPG SPG Certification + IPG Pet Professional Certification)

  • Grooming tools and equipment

  • Canine and feline behavior in a salon

  • Safe handling techniques

  • Restraining techniques

  • Common skin and coat issues

  • Basic grooming practices such as bathing, ear care, and nail clipping


Groomer II - Certified Advanced Professional Groomer (CAPG)
(IPG Advanced Professional Groomer Certification + IPG Advanced Cat Groomer Certification)

  • Business-related operations and etiquette to include intake policies and procedures, records-keeping, data tracking, and customer service skills

  • Advanced grooming tools: shears and electric clippers

  • Special breeds

  • Dog and cat trimming practices


Groomer III - International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG)
(IPG International Certified Master Groomer Certification + IPG Certified Master Cat Groomer Certification)

  • Minimum twelve months hands-on education

  • A passing endorsement for each of the following breed specific modules:

    • Non-Sporting

    • Sporting

    • Terrier Breed

    • Mixed Breed

In Prison Pet Partnership's bathing room, four incarcerated individuals bathe dogs while an instructor walks through at Washington Corrections Center for Women.
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