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Our mission lives in the soul of everyone at Prison Pet Partnership—because every day,
we get up and
envision a world of opportunity. Every day, we get up and experience the potential of humanity.
Every day, we recommit ourselves to the work of re-entry programming.

Our program participants – both human and animal – are provided opportunity and healing. Women are empowered to learn a trade that will prepare them for employment post-release. Homeless dogs are saved from euthanasia. Disabled veterans access independence through the assistance of a service dog. At PPP, we bear witness to incarcerated individuals' dignity, and celebrate their victories. Lives are forever changed for everyone involved.        

Our passion comes from the incarcerated individuals, animals, and clients we serve, and it comes from our bold, dedicated donors and supporters who are equally committed to our work in re-entry programming. Those released from incarceration are moving into our neighborhoods. They can either move in having suffered the effects from being warehoused for years, or they can move in equipped for life, primed for success.

Each donation makes a difference. With your support, we will continue to do this work to ensure opportunity is available for everyone to succeed – human and animal.

$0.90 of every dollar goes directly to PPP programming. Any amount you donate ensures vocational education continues for incarcerated individuals, saves dogs (and cats) from euthanasia, and provides persons with disabilities independence through the assistance of a service dog.

Donate by Mail

Prison Pet Partnership
P.O. Box 1998
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

PPP's recidivism rate is less than 3% compared to Washington State's rate of 22.2%. We are committed to reducing the rate of recidivism for women through education certification and job placement. Join our monthly giving program to help ensure we continue our reentry programming.

Become a Monthly Donor

Make a Bequest
If you are interested in planned giving opportunities or have questions, email

Gift Stock
If you are interested in gifting stock or have questions, email

Gift Real Estate
If you are interested in gifting property or have questions, email

Donations to Prison Pet Partnership allow us to continue our transformative work with incarcerated individuals, animals, and persons with disabilities. Because of your support, we are able to offer comprehensive reentry programming that creates healing for people ready to start new lives equipped with the skills needed to succeed. On behalf of both the humans and animals we serve, thank you. 

Would you like to add specific notes regarding your gifts? Please contact us at and share your thoughts. 

PPP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; TAX ID 91-1487894

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