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Harbor Hounds Event.png

Join us September 2024 for the Harbor Hounds Charity Dog Walk & Community Fair! PPP is
grateful to be the featured non-profit - a result of a
16-year partnership with 
Gig Harbor Midday Rotary 

Graphic with a red heart and red text that says "Second Chance Month" and white text that says "Reentry Matters"

April is Second Chance Month, when we reaffirm the importance of helping people who were formerly incarcerated reenter society. America is a Nation of second chances, and it is critical that our criminal and juvenile justice systems provide meaningful opportunities for rehabilitation and redemption.

Graphic with white prison building to the left, 3 white color persons in the middle walking to the right, and a white house and building on the right. At the top the text says "Reentry Week"

April 23 - 29, 2023, marks National Reentry Week, a time dedicated to uplifting the opportunities – and challenges – returning citizens encounter.

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