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ID: 052623PP

BREED: St. Bernard/Border Collie Mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 8 Months
SIZE: Large (at maturity)
COLOR: Grizzle and white

COAT TYPE: Short double coat

GROOM REQUIREMENTS: Weekly brushing, bathing as needed


  • Level I Foundation


LIKES: Toys, friendly dogs
DISLIKES: Loud noises

FEE: $250

 is ready for her forever home! Ripley has been with PPP since she was 4 months old, receiving expert training and socialization. Ripley is a reserved and polite little lady, once she's bonded to her person, she is extremely loyal and loves to play! Ripley came from a situation in which she may not have been frequently exposed to new people or new environments. While she's made a lot of progress at PPP, she still can be nervous around new people at first. Due to this behavior, she would do best in a family with no small children. Ripley would do best in a home where she has a confident dog friend to assist with her socialization since she loves other dogs!

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