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ID: 031523PP

BREED: Labrador Retriever
AGE: 1 Year
SIZE: Large
COLOR: Yellow


GROOM REQUIREMENTS: Weekly brushing, bathing as needed.


  • Level I Foundation

  • Level II Foundations 

  • Level III Foundations

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Title

ENERGY LEVEL: Moderate-High

LIKES: Water/Pool/Sprinkler, Toys, Training
FEE: $1500

Patrick is named in honor of Patrick Madden, a two-time recipient of Prison Pet Partnership service dogs, who sadly passed away in 2021. We thank the Madden family for their generosity and for helping us bring puppy Patrick to PPP. We also thank Tracy and Tellus of Sutter Bay Retrievers, Jennifer Hughes, Lisa, and Amalia for helping Patrick in his journey at PPP.

Patrick is a 1-year-old, purebred Labrador Retriever from field and hunting lines. He has been with PPP since he was three months old and has been training as a service dog since he came into the program. Unfortunately, earlier this year, Patrick was diagnosed with a musculoskeletal disorder that causes his body to become weak with intense, hard running exercise. This is easily managed by not allowing Patrick to run for long periods of time. Patrick can still go on walks, play with other dogs, train, and do all normal activities of daily living, but repetitive fetch exercises should be avoided for Patrick. 

Patrick has undergone hundreds of hours of training and professional socialization at PPP. He knows over 20 cues, his down stay is excellent, and he can maintain a down stay out of site and under tables. He walks well on a leash, knows heel, and is conditioned to wearing a head collar. He is crate trained and does well in a crate even in chaotic environments. PPP Puppy Raisers report that he is a gentleman in the house and settles well when given sufficient exercise and activity. Patrick would love to be your best buddy, join you on walks or rides around the neighborhood, and loves being involved in anything and everything! Patrick absolutely loves swimming in shallow waters and gets along well with other dogs. He can be a little nervous around new men, but does well with slow introductions.

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