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ID: 052623PP

BREED: St. Bernard/Border Collie Mix
AGE: 8 Months
SIZE: Large (at maturity)
COLOR: White and Tan

COAT TYPE: Short double coat

GROOM REQUIREMENTS: Weekly brushing, bathing as needed


  • Level I Foundation


LIKES: Treats, friendly dogs
DISLIKES: Loud noises

FEE: $300

 is ready for his forever home! O'Malley has been with PPP since he was 4 months old, receiving expert training and socialization. O'Malley is super goofy, loves treats and toys, and, once he warms up, he'll be your best buddy! O'Malley came from a situation in which he may not have been frequently exposed to new people or new environments. While he's made a lot of progress at PPP, he still can be nervous around new people at first. Due to this behavior, he would do best in a family with no small children.


"O'Malley was scared when he first got to PPP. But, for O'Malley, as soon as he learned that belly rubs are nice, people have yummy treats, and blankets are warm and fuzzy, he decided that humans are okay. From there, we hit it off. He's a great (not so) little guy! He is very chill for a puppy. Happy to hang out on his bed and fall asleep when I read my homework aloud to him. He is more cuddly when he is tired. He is happy to be pet and loved, fun to train and play with, and very good on our walks. If I could keep him forever, I could."

- PPP Program Participant, Jamie

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