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ID: 052624PP

BREED: Standard Poodle/Golden Retriever Mix
AGE: 1.5 years
SIZE: Large
COLOR: White

COAT TYPE: Curly, non-shedding coat

GROOM REQUIREMENTS: Daily brushing, professional grooming every 6-8 weeks


  • Level I Foundation

  • Level II Foundations


LIKES: Treats, puzzle toys, training, friendly dogs
FEE: $750

 is ready for his forever home! Comet has been with PPP for several months, receiving expert training and socialization. Comet is a super fun dog that would love to join you on all your adventures! He has been through the training program at PPP and knows over 15 cues. Comet loves playing fetch and solving puzzle toys almost as much as he loves cuddling with his people. Comet is still working on controlling his excitement when meeting new people, therefore he would not be suitable for a home with small children. Comet has spent some time around cats and done well, but would likely need slow introductions to any new cat friends. Comet is crate trained and does very well in a crate and when crated alone. He loves playing with other dog friends too! His exuberant play style is best for a younger dog of a similar energy level.

Comet has also been diagnosed with canine epilepsy. His seizures are infrequent and well controlled with medication that only costs about $30 a month. He should live a long and happy life even with his diagnosis.

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