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ID: 062023PP-B

BREED: Standard Poodle/Golden Retriever Mix (Doodle)
AGE: 8 Months
WEIGHT: 42lbs
COLOR: Silver/White

COAT TYPE: Curly/Non-shedding

GROOM REQUIREMENTS: Daily Maintenance and Professional Grooming every 6-8 weeks

  • Level I Foundation

  • Level II Foundations 

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Title


LIKES: Chasing Bubbles, Playing Fetch, Other Dogs
DISLIKES: Sudden Loud Noises or Fast Movements


Baker is named after American-born French entertainer and civil rights activist, Josephine Baker in honor of Pride month. Josephine Baker was an openly bisexual singer, actor, and performer who fought for equity for queer people, women, and people of color throughout her life. She is the first African American woman to star in a motion picture and was one of the first African American entertainers who achieved acclaim both in movies and on the stage. Baker aided her adopted country of France during World War II by spying on Nazis. She fought for equality in the United States, first by refusing to perform in segregated theaters and later by speaking at the 1963 March on Washington. She adopted 12 children from countries around the world - dubbing her children a "rainbow tribe" and believed the group could prove "racial hatred is not natural. It's an invention of man."

Like Josephine, Baker is love and joy. 


"Meet my best friend, Baker. He's a fun, loving, goofy boy looking for a fun and loving family. He enjoys running around the yard, playing fetch (he almost always brings the ball back), tug, and he loves chasing bubbles. Bubbles are by far his favorite thing. He will chase them for hours if you let him. He loves making new friends and gets along with every dog he's met so far, big and small. He thinks that every person he meets should be his best friend. Baker is a very sensitive boy and tends to startle easily. Fast movements and sudden loud noises will sometimes make him jump. He is especially afraid of sprinklers that pop out of the ground. He doesn't mind getting a bath, but he's not the biggest fan of being blow dried afterward. He's very good while being groomed and even likes getting his teeth brushed. Baker is such an easy-going boy and loves lots of attention and cuddle time."

- PPP Program Participant, Ami

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