Dog Training Program

We are no longer accepting new service dog applications. While we are still training dogs for future service dog placements, we are focused on best serving our current waitlist which is quite long. We hope to reopen applications in late 2022. Thank you for understanding.

Would you like to sponsor a rescue dog or puppy?

A puppy who enters our program needs up to two years of care, training and love! Your support would help cover the costs for veterinary care, vaccines, genetic screenings, food, leashes, toys, beds, bowls, foster family supplies and so much more!

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Dog Training Program Goals

  • Provide vocational education to incarcerated individuals in the dog training and behavior field
  • Rehabilitate homeless pets and place them in permanent, loving homes
  • Serve the community by placing trained Assistance Dogs and companion animals

Rescue and Train-to-Adopt

Rescuing dogs and providing them with basic obedience training, AKC Canine Good Citizenship certification, and adoption as companion pets.

How this helps achieve our goals
  • Enhances vocational education by offering incarcerated individuals the opportunity to work with a variety of dogs
  • Helps homeless pets by allowing PPP to rescue more dogs, including dogs that need our help

Service Dog Training

Taking a targeted approach to acquiring dogs in order to maximize the success rate of Assistance Dog placements. These may include rescue dogs, puppies or adult dogs from purpose-bred co-op breeders.

How this helps achieve our goals
  • Allows incarcerated trainers to learn more about service dogs, including puppies, clients, and training
  • We can better meet the needs of the disabled community by placing more dogs

Paroled Pets

Our Paroled Pet Program is currently in the process of being restructured. When it is up and running, PPP will have Canine Good Citizen tested, well trained dogs available for adoption. These animals will have a strong foundation in basic commands such as loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, polite greetings, and kennel skills.

International Boarding and Pet Services Association