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Prison Pet Partnership relies heavily on volunteers to keep our program running! There are many volunteer opportunities including dog socialization, shelter selection of dogs, marketing, as well as a variety of office work. We encourage potential volunteers to contact our program to find a job that will best fit you and your lifestyle. If you are interested in volunteering with Prison Pet Partnership, please contact us at (253) 858-4240. We look forward to meeting with you!

Volunteer Opportunities

Board of Directors

If you are interested in volunteering your time, talent and effort for the benefit of Prison Pet Partnership, please consider submitting an application to serve on our Board of Directors. Please be aware that terms of service for director positions may vary. There may not currently be an open position, however, all applications are retained and reviewed as positions on the board become available. If you would like to submit an application, please download our Board Member Interest Form.

Office Work

Help with newsletters, mailings, and other office work.


Help the program raise funds and secure donations by identifying potential funding sources, participating in fund-raising events, and identifying potential equipment/food donors, appeals, annual auction, grants, and solicitation.

Socialization Activities

Help socialize our program dogs to homes, children, dogs, other pets, malls, stores, elevators, busses/trains/airplanes, stairs, churches, restaurants, cinemas, parks, libraries, doctor/dentist offices, etc. Stay up to date on individual dogs’ training by coming to weekly training sessions.

Dog Selection

Help select potential service dogs for the program by frequenting shelters, temperament testing dogs and notifying program staff of potential dogs.

Team Training

Attend team training to learn about the process of placement of service dogs with their new partners. Assist with training, arrangements, transportation, set-up, outings and public access testing. Help plan and set up lunch for one or all days of training.

Follow Up

Observe or conduct home visits and public access tests with service dog teams. Assist with interviews of applicants. Help plan and organize service dog team meetings, reunions and events.

Paroled Pets

Conduct home interviews of applicants to assess suitability for adoption of a paroled pet.


Temporarily foster paroled pets to make room for service dogs in training at the facility. Temporarily foster and assess new program dogs as they make the transition from the shelter to the training facility. This is for experienced and approved volunteers only.


Help transport program dogs to or from the veterinary appointments, homes, and animal shelters.

Dog Walking

Help out and gain some experience at the same time by walking boarding dogs in the field at the Prison Pet Partnership kennel facility.

Instructing Inmates

Utilize your experience to present a relevant topic to the inmates. Possible areas of interest include: training, behavior, boarding, grooming, office skills, public relations, life skills, interpersonal skills, etc.

Special Events

Help educate the community by staffing information booths at dog shows and other community events, giving presentations and demonstrations, talking to people in public about the program, and distributing program material.

If you are interested in volunteering, please download our Volunteer Application.

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